Message from the President


It is a pleasure to see neurosurgery progress in Nepal over the last decade. Today neurosurgical centers are spread all over the country and are giving excellent and up-to-date management in all sub-specialties in their respective centers. From a dozen or so the fraternity has grown to over 100 members and many more will complete their residency in the coming years. Neurosurgeons have been trained not only in the country but from all across the globe. The neurosurgery residency program is now being offered at three universities in the country.

In lieu of the founding member’s goals, NESON has been committed to academic excellence too. Monthly CME from different centers along with bi-annual National and International conferences are being held regularly. Even the COVID pandemic could not deter NESON as we held a Virtual international/ national conference. We even had a SAARC-level conference in 2023.

Our journal – Nepal Journal of Neurosciences-dedicated to neurosciences has been in press for the past 19 years and is now published every quarter and includes scholarly articles from Nepal and other international centers. Sub-specialties within neurosurgery have also been included with the inception of Neurovascular and Spine chapters. Very soon fellowship in these specialties will also be started by NESON. The society also is actively involved in national policies involving research and law decisions.

I thank all the members for their support and also thank all the international neurosurgical and allied societies for their continuous encouragement, support, suggestions, guidance, and love for NESON. In the two years of my tenure, I look forward to working for the excellence and growth of NESON with my executive and general/international members. Together we can work towards neurosurgical excellence to serve our patients and the world community.



Dr Yam Bahadur Roka
MBBS, MS, M.Ch, IFAANS, Skull base and vascular Fellow
December 2023