Message for the President

Dear Seniors, Colleagues and all the Members of NESON

It’s my not only a great pleasure but also an honor to be elected as a 7th president of Nepalese Society of Neurosurgeons (NESON). Me along with my team, would like to express cordial gratefulness to all the valued members of NESON for giving us the opportunity of leading NESON for the next two years.
NESON is one of the youngest yet a very active and dynamic medical professional’s associations of Nepal. Since its inception in 2007 it has come a long way. It has been organizing yearly National Conferences, two yearly (biennially) international conferences and other regular joint neurosurgical meetings and conferences. It has organized South Asian Neurosurgical Congress (SANC) and Interim Meeting of Asian Australian Society of Neurological Surgeons (AASNS) in the past. It has been organizing regular monthly NESON CMEs & CMEs of its chapters namely spinal chapter and Neuro vascular chapter. In addition, NESON has its own medical journal called Nepal Journal of Neuroscience (NJNS).

With all these backgrounds, NESON has already established itself in the nationals and international arena. Its members have been actively involved in various international conferences, workshops and other academic activities. Its members are also involved in various committees of WFNS.
Having said this, NESON still needs to go a long way. It has to expose itself to many international events and it has to host many of them as well in future.
NESON is planning to organize joint neurosurgical meetings, especially with all the South Asian countries and thus finally it will host South Asian Neurosurgical Congress (SANC) in 2023.

NESON will maintain and promote further its academic activities and training of young neurosurgeons in Nepal. It will also revise the neurosurgical education system in Nepal and thus make it uniform throughout the country.
Its ultimate goal is to expand the service in more affordable and accessible way and to serve the people of this nation at the best level.
With the guidance of past presidents and seniors and with the support of all the members, NESON will move forward to achieve its goals.

Knowledge will lead our Way, Experience will pave It and the Skill & Strength will achieve the Goal!

Help NESON to help yourself !!

Prabin Shrestha, MD, PhD

President, NESON 2021-23