History of NESON

Nepalese Society of Neurosurgeons (NESON) is the official society of neurosurgeons of Nepal. The neurosurgical body consists of young as well as eminent neurosurgeons from all over Nepal. NESON came into existence in 2008, initially with 17 member neurosurgeons. This society was established as a non-profit making, pro-public welfare social organization with the objective of promoting rights and welfare of the health workers involved in the field of neurosurgery, developing and conducting researches in the field of neuroscience and participating in the mainstream development of the country by the means of health services. The society has been progressively growing since then and it consists of 36 life members, 58 full members and 8 resident members at present. NESON became a member of the World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies (WFNS) in 2010.

NESON has been actively involved in academic activities like organizing conferences, CMEs since its establishment. As its first venture, NESON organized 5th South Asian Neurosurgical Congress (SANC) on March 11-13, 2012 in Kathmandu with the theme of “Neurosurgery: the South Asian Perspective”. The conference was a grand success with active participation by national and international delegates. Other major international conferences organized/co-organized by NESON are 6th ACNS Educational Course on Feb 10-12, 2015 in Chitwan, 1st Nepal international course on neuro-endoscopic surgery on March 23-25, 2015, AASNS/NESON trauma workshop on October 14-15, 2015 in Chitwan, 3rd NESON and 4th Nepal-Japan Neurosurgery Conference (combined meeting) on Oct 29-Nov 1, 2015 in Kathmandu. All these conferences were successfully conducted with the participation of neurosurgeons, neurologists, other medical and paramedical personnel related to neurosciences from Nepal and abroad. Besides the international conferences, NESON has been organizing monthly CMEs at the national level, hosted in turn by institutes with neurosurgical services in Nepal. The CME programs have been very effective as a platform for sharing and communication among the neurosurgeons of Nepal and also provide opportunities for young neurosurgeons to enhance their knowledge and skills.

The first executive committee of NESON served from 2008-2010 with Prof. Upendra P Devkota as the founding president, followed by Prof. Pawan K Sultania (2010-2012), Dr. Basant Pant (2013-2015), and Prof. Gopal Raman Sharma (2015-2017). NESON has its official journal “Nepal Journal of Neuroscience” (https://neson.org/2020/01/21/current-issue-2/) which is published biannually with the paper contributions from both Nepal and abroad in the field of neurosciences.

1st Executive committee of NESON [2008-2010] – Founding President Prof. Upendra P Devkota

2nd  Executive committee of NESON [2010-2012] – President Prof. Pawan K Sultania

3rd Executive committee of NESON [2013-2015] – President Dr. Basant Pant

4th Executive committee of NESON [2015-2017] – President Prof. Gopal Raman Sharma

5th Executive committee of NESON [2017-2019] – President Prof. Mohan Raj Sharma

6th Executive committee of NESON [2019-2021] – President Dr. Krishna Sharma

7th Executive Committee of NESON [2021-2023] – President Dr. Prabin Shrestha

8th Executive Committee of NESON [2023-2025] – President Dr. Yam Bahadur Roka