Nepalese Society of Neurosurgeons (NESON)
invites you all to webinars on 

Date Day Time Topics Presenter Youtube Link
19/04/2020 Sunday 4-5 PM SOP for operating on COVID-19 suspects or positive patients Prof Amit Thapa https://youtu.be/1KZ4_lg6-FA
10/05/2020 Sunday 4-5 PM Evidence Based medicine and Critical Appraisal of medical literature Prof Mohan Raj Sharma  
21/05/2020 Thursday 4-5 PM COVID-19: Neurological Perspective Prabin Shrestha/ Manish Kolakshyapati, Isha Dhungana COVID 19 Neurological Perspective for NESON
31/05/2020 Sunday 5-6 PM Fundamentals of Research Proposal Writing Prof Mohan Raj Sharma https://youtu.be/u34sruLptAE
03/06/2020 Wed 5-6 PM Statistics for Neurosurgeons Prof Mohan Raj Sharma https://youtu.be/guCRHEbJ-Sc
06/06/2020 Saturday 4-5 PM Tips and tricks in the management of intra-operative rupture of cerebral aneurysm during microsurgical clipping Prof Gopal Raman Sharma https://youtu.be/LsJhLgw_yZw
10/06/2020 Wed 6-7 PM Art of scientific writing Dr Prabin Shrestha https://youtu.be/_dtzLtpjQz4
13/06/2020 Saturday 5-6 PM Updates on Cervical Degenerative Myelopathy Dr Krishna Sharma https://youtu.be/TcfjczsYz6g
17/06/2020 Wed 6-7 PM Peer review: why, what and how? Prof Amit Thapa https://youtu.be/Cw-e7hCjDfE
20/06/2020 Saturday 4-5 PM Management of Thoracolumbar fracture Dr Nilam Khadka Management of Thoracolumbar Fracture
27/06/2020 Saturday 6-7 PM Death by powerpoint? How to avoid one Prof Mohan Raj Sharma https://youtu.be/Cpqo6pxYzVc
01/07/2020 Wed 6-7 PM COVID-19 pandemic: An overview Dr Prabin Shrestha  
04/07/2020 Saturday 5-6 PM Neuronavigation : concept, techniques and applications Prof Rajiv Jha  
08/07/2020 Wed 6-7 PM Why the papers get rejected Yam Bahadur Roka  


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