Society of British Neurological Surgeons (SBNS) Bursary in the name of Late Prof UP Devkota

I thank for the enthusiasm shown by our young neurosurgeons to participate in this interview for the selection of the three candidates to go for the 6 weeks of training in UK under the SBNS Bursary of Late Professor Upendra Prasad Devkota. The interview was taken by selection committee consisting of Prof. Neil Kitchen (President of SBNS), Dr. Krishna Sharma (President of NESON) and Dr. Bhagwan Koirala (Chairman of Nepal Medical Council). We had interviewed 10 candidates. All were eligible, well-qualified and appropriate. However since we have only three seats for the program, the committee has selected the following candidates.
(In alphabetical order)
1. Koirala, Sagar
2. Sharma, Rajan Kumar
3. Shrestha, Pratyush
Alternative candidates
1. First alternative 
           -Sapkota, Suresh
2.Second alternative
           -Shrestha, Shikhar
Congratulation to the selected candidates. The responsibility has now greatly increased in these candidates as they have to learn something new during their training, come back and teach us all what they have learnt so that we, irrespective of who was selected, all have to benefit from this Bursary and help in the development of Neurosurgery in this country. The program is an ongoing one and even those who were not selected this time can be selected next time. However it all depends on the performance and the result as well as outcome from these three selected candidates. So, it is the responsibility of the selected candidates to open the door wider or close the door for the other forth coming trainee. So, congratulation and all the best for your training.