Cover Letter

                                                                                                            Date: [___________]


The Editor in Chief,

Nepal Journal of Neuroscience (NJNS)



Dear Sir,

I am submitting a manuscript for consideration of publication in Nepal Journal of Neuroscience (NJNS). The manuscript is entitled [“precise scientifically appropriate title in English”].

I declare that the present work is original and no part of the manuscript has been published before, nor is any part of it under consideration for publication at another journal.

In this manuscript, we show that [Write few details of your submission]

We have no conflicts of interest to disclose [or write if you have anything to disclose], but we do respectfully request that [names of reviewers which you do not want as reviewers] not review our manuscript. 

If you feel that the manuscript is appropriate for your journal, we suggest the following reviewers: [names of reviewers which you want as reviewers]

Thank you very much for your consideration.

Yours Sincerely,



Name of the corresponding author:








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